DAZ3D – Ren for Genesis 3 Male and Genesis 8 Male

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DAZ3D – Ren for Genesis 3 Male and Genesis 8 Male

DAZ3D – Ren for Genesis 3 Male and Genesis 8 Male

Ren is for your Genesis 3 & 8 Male. He is slightly shorter than the base models.

His head morphs are custom built and do not require any other morph packs to utilize and the body morphs require Genesis 3 Male Body morphs and Genesis 8 Male Body Morphs to use.

Included for both Genesis Males are 3 Brow Presets with 1 No Brow Preset for each model. There are 4 Eye Material Presets, 4 Contacts combinations, 2 Lashes with 4 Material Presets each. With the Tattoo Presets, there are 2 for the Leg, Arm, Torso and a Preset for all, for both legs, or both arms along with Base Material Presets for each body area.

With the make up options, I've chosen to make them LIE Presets to use on any Genesis 3 Male UV and Genesis 8 Male UV based character. In them there are 3 Lip Presets, and 10 Make Up Presets, and 2 Eyeliner Presets.

Anatomical Elements are included.

Hierarchical Presets for the Base Material for both- With Anatomical Elements for Genesis 3 Male, and with the Lash/Tear and Anatomical Elements for Genesis 8 Male.

Materials are Iray only.

*Note: the piercings shown are from Diesel for Elijah 7


Download: DAZ3D – Ren for Genesis 3 Male and Genesis 8 Male

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